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Working with Viv has been hugely beneficial for me during a hectic and challenging time at work. I was tasked with leading the company I work for while our director was on a long leave, and I was struggling with limiting beliefs and self-doubt. Viv’s guidance during our coaching sessions helped me feel empowered and equipped me with the necessary tools to overcome those negative beliefs and switch up my behaviour. Viv is an excellent coach who genuinely cares. She is kind, compassionate and resourceful - I can’t recommend her coaching services enough!

Layla Carrol, Scrabble PR

Viv was recommended to me by friends in a point of my life where I was looking at finishing at my dream job after experiencing burnout and feeling lost as to where to go next. Viv helped me navigate this terrifying and transitional time in my life, helped give tips and tricks to take into my new workplace and helped provide clear goals for going out on my own.

Cassie Walker, Music Curation at Marketing Melodies & @soundtrackyourbrand + founder @itsupcycledmerch

Viv was so great to work with! A very supportive coach who helped me focus my goals and refine the way I work. Would highly recommend to anyone!

Jono Steer

Running my own artist/tour management and booking agency in the Australian music industry for the past thirty years has left very little time to stop to reflect on and review my own journey and changing priorities. Under Viv's expert care and guidance I was able to explore aspects of myself in a safe environment. The experience was inspirational and potentially life changing.

Jill Shelton, Play On Presents PL

Viv is an amazing human and coach. Our time together was so valuable and I feel like I'm leaving these coaching sessions with a friend and mentor whom I can call upon when I really need. It is so hard to find female role models in the Australian music industry, but I am so glad to say I can add Viv to that list! I was struggling with knowing how to align the value I was giving with financial return and after digging into the deeper reasons behind this with Viv, I feel more conviction in asking for what I deserve. I'm so appreciative of our time together and would highly recommend her services! Thanks so much Viv, you are incredible!

Leesa Snider, Digital Marketing Manager/Founder/Artist Manager

Next Act Coaching helped me get a lot of things straight in my mind. I was able to set up some long-term goals with Viv and I'll be forever grateful.

Anna Laverty, Music Producer/Founding Director of the Music Producer and Engineers' Guild of Australia

Viv's warm approach and broad experience make her an incredible coach. In our sessions her expert guidance created space for reflection, self-discovery and breakthroughs. Working with her has lead to greater clarity and direction in my professional life. For all this I am very grateful! Thanks Viv!

Anna Jacobs, Senior Music Festival Professional (Artist Services - Event Management - Marketing & Promotion)

Being a person who fall into the "creative" category, I suffer from the same feelings as so many other creative types - we are not worthy of any accolades that come our way; we are "duping" the public into paying anything for our output; one day we are going to be exposed as a "fraud"... Viv really brought me around to a much more positive way of thinking about myself and my work - helping me to convince myself that my weaknesses are opportunities for improvement (they are NOT failures), and my strengths are far more powerful than I give them credit for. I would recommend sessions with Viv to anyone who is looking for that path forward towards achieving goals and eliminating the negativity that results in things grinding to a halt.

Phil Burton

Yes! I gained so much in such a short time from my sessions with Viv. She is a warm, kind and compassionate soul and so easy to talk and work with. Viv helped me recognise the importance of my goals and values and how to positively apply them to every aspect of my life with awesome results. I now work better and more efficiently, I don’t get stressed anymore and I have my confidence back. This experience was actually life changing for me and I would 100% recommend her services Thanks Viv! Xx

Cassie George

Viv was incredible at understanding where I was at in my career and the paths of conversations to stimulate growth and development. She has instilled knowledge that will help me maintain a high level of motivation and drive for the years to come which was definitely lacking previously. Viv's approach is gentle yet direct, and full of wisdom. I'm so grateful to have had these sessions and to see what I've achieved since beginning them. I would highly recommend Viv's coaching to anyone needing clarity, direction, motivation or even just to have someone to bounce ideas off. Thanks VIv!!!

James Lang (Karuah)

Coaching with Viv was the perfect way to kick off the new year. I got the clarity I needed to distill my goals, become aware of how I've been sabotaging my efforts in the past and supercharge my productivity moving forward. It's made my weeks feel so much more purposeful and on track. The sessions were meaningful and fun, insightful and incredibly helpful at defining what is most important to me, where my strengths lie and how to best bring these elements together. Thanks Viv!

Tiffany Richmond, Voice Artist / One half of kids band Poppy Galactic and The Beat

I found Vivien's warm and inviting persona created the perfect environment for introspection and creation of ideas. Going in, I didn't have an exact idea of specific goals I wanted to achieve, however my intentions were set to complete each session knowing more about myself and where I am on my path. With Vivien's guidance, I accomplished this each time. Supported by a balanced blend of reflection, evaluation and learning, were able to channel my vision and energy to particular challenges, events and feelings to concur and/or understand. 

Ruby Evans

Viv really exceeded my expectations! She hit the nail on the head with many things and understood me from the beginning. She was kind, motivating and inspiring.

Casey Katz, Director of Marketing at Untitled Group

I went into my sessions with Viv hoping for tips on time management but instead walked away with so much more. Through our sessions, I developed a deeper understanding of myself and my values which, in turn, has shaped how I operate in my role and within the broader industry. Viv strikes the perfect balance between providing support and challenging you to step out of your comfort zone and her guidance has materially improved my overall performance at work. Viv is also an amazing listener and her own experience working within the industry gives her great insight into what it's like working as a music industry professional. If you're looking for a supportive coach to help guide you towards reaching your full potential in your career, I cannot recommend Next Act Coaching enough!!

Tahlia Beeson, Solicitor at Media Arts Lawyers

Viv provided valuable advice and support to help me move through challenges within my business. She has a solid understanding of the challenges within the music & media landscape and was able to provide me with resources and tools that will be helpful well into the future.

Alyse Newman, Director AANTHOLOGIES

Viv's skills as a coach, warmth as a human, and lived industry experience meant we were on the same page from the get-go. Viv provided clarity, support, thought-provoking insight and tools I could use immediately. The sessions provided empowerment and clarity - this was very powerful in my search and interview process and in affirming my new career path. The coaching also helped me remove ego while realising my value and feeling supported.

Lisa Grieve

My time with Viv was the boost I needed. Each session was profound and reflective whilst remaining constructive and focused. She makes communication feel safe and easy, and has no hesitation in sharing her depth of knowledge with you in the areas appropriate to your objectives. I left the sessions feeling armed with new tools for personal development, clarity over my short and long-term goals, and a newfound zest for my music career. I am beyond grateful for my time with Viv and I look forward to working with her again in the future.

Cheyenne Harper

With Viv, unlike other coaches I've worked with, really engages to the point where you feel she is on your journey - with incredibly knowledgeable insight and being able to really custom her advice for your own situation and not just give you the same old theory, she is the ultimate hand-holder.

Adam Dunning

Being coached by Viv worked well as she asked me direct questions that brought out my truths. She gave me prompts to open my mind on deeper levels. I was made aware of my values and the things that were me holding back which became very important on the journey of developing my strengths. I felt supported by Viv’s kindness and gentleness which was just what I needed to take the next steps in my career.

Maya Rose

My sessions with Viv have been life-changing to my professional career. Our sessions together saw me challenge my beliefs, my boundaries with clients and the doubts I was still taking on from previous clients. Viv has helped me to take back the power I have as a business owner, capable of setting my own boundaries, time and value. I am incredibly thankful to Viv for setting me on a path that is not only beneficial for me and my personal/professional career but also for my business.

Jaz Yates

I found Viv to be a thoughtful and insightful guide across all of my creative endeavours. She was particularly helpful in helping me to recognise and build upon the existing strengths and unique characteristics of my business and the business partnership associated with it. She was always able to appreciate my values and goals and help me to align these in order to project a future vision for my business, and was able to provide valuable resources based on my needs that I will continue to use to develop my business as well as in my other creative projects and in my personal life.

Zeb Olsen

Coaching sessions with Vivien have totally changed the way I approach my work. Vivien helped me learn how to work more in alignment with my core values, which is helping me to feel more grounded and confident in the everyday decision-making of running my own business. Vivien's sessions have helped me feel less overwhelmed and more empowered. I love Vivien's warm and compassionate style of coaching, and highly recommend her sessions!

Lucy Wise

I can't recommend Viv highly enough. She's kind, warm, disarming, and perceptive, and she approached our coaching sessions with just the right balance of kindness and challenge (making me feel worthy and understood, while gently calling me out on my own bulls**t). In just three sessions I gained a whole heap of clarity about where I want to head, as well as a set of new skills and tools to help me move forward in a way that feels right to me. Basically I wish I had her on speed dial! Thanks so much Viv. :-)

Rebecca Jane

Working with Viv made the difference between me feeling exhausted and stuck in my music-making to being excited and motivated. I finally released the EP follow up to my debut album after it languishing in the 'mostly recorded' basket for more than two years. Having a supportive, knowledgeable and questioning coach to help me tease out the solutions to the mental barriers I was facing has been such a gift. I highly recommend booking Viv!


Viv Fantin is an extraordinary coach who not only has an in-depth understanding of media and publicity, but is also an incredibly warm and empathetic person who is able to look at the human quality of our stories and give us the strength to tell them. I had the great privilege of working with Viv, she helped me feel comfortable talking about my disability in a real and positive light, which was a profound experience for me. I could not recommend her more, she really goes above and beyond with her wisdom and insight and has helped so many of us in the music industry.

Martha Marlow

The Qube Effect Music Mentoring and Development program has presented The Goal Getter Workshop by Next Act Coaching for two years, as part of the professional development day that we hold for artists. The workshop is helpful, thought provoking and equips you with really achievable bite-sized actions to take in order to reach your goals - without the overwhelm that often accompanies aiming for something that you really want! The beauty of this workshop is that it can be applied to people in EVERY stage of their career - from the greenest of green artists, to very established artists and arts workers. Goal setting is no longer scary or unachievable - it’s a process and a very fun one when you work with Next Act Coaching!

Janne Scott, Moondust Merchants

Viv is an amazing coach who really helped me regain my confidence in myself and my career. I highly recommend her coaching services and although she had not yet completed her counselling degree at the time of our sessions, I would also recommend her services for counselling. I felt I received way more than just career coaching in our time together, as Viv is a very kind soul who is genuinely invested in your progress. I will definitely continue to use her services in the future.

Larissa Drew, Operations Manager, SXSW

I am the owner of a small but busy music PR business. I recently brought my remote team together, both to celebrate a successful year and also to prepare as I’ll soon need to take some time off. I wanted my team to feel empowered and confident to step up while I’m away, so I called Next Act Coaching. Viv’s Mini Goal Getter workshop was both informative and super inspiring for me and my staff. Viv is kind of like google maps for your business or career. Her Goal Getter Workshop will help you set a course to get to where you want to go and hopefully skip some of the roadblocks along the way. I cannot recommend Viv’s workshops highly enough and I look forward to doing more of them in the future.

Gabe Cramb, Owner / Director Scrabble PR

Viv is an incredibly kind, supportive and empathic soul. She not only worked with me to help me find my personal goals but dug deeper into the psychology and brain science behind what might be holding me back. I learnt so much about myself in these coaching sessions and she held me accountable to do the work. Throughout the entire process, she feels like a best friend, who is easy to talk to and incredibly wise. If you thrive off self-development alongside goal-orientated work, Viv is an excellent coach and support network.

Lauren Poulter, Music Manager UNIFIED Music Group

The overall experience working with Viv has been fantastic and I would recommend it to everyone. After each session I felt motivated and excited about actioning what we had just spoken about. Viv provided various useful tools to help me overcome challenges and showed me ways to look at problems with different perspectives that I would have never thought of. Viv has made me feel super comfortable throughout the whole program and it’s clear that she is very passionate about helping people achieve their goals.

Desiree Venuto, Booking Agent / Lonely Lands Agency

Viv provides such an empathetic and practical approach to her coaching. It's both her thought provoking practical tasks, and deep emotional understanding that build such a cohesive learning experience. Viv helped me understand parts of my professional, and personal behavioural processes that I may never have seen, and our sessions have allowed me to calm my inner critic, and become far more self aware and pragmatic in my decision making. It's been such a wonderful experience, I highly recommend her services to anyone needing some professional guidance.

Blaise Sherrie, Label Manager @ Mushroom Group. I Oh You. Soothsayer

So basically, I can’t thank you enough! I really have grown a lot over the past year and a bit, and our work together has really impacted me.

Emma McGarry, Music Marketing Specialist

I love the way that Viv operates - she is supportive and grounding but provides frameworks for clients to get the answers they need themselves, rather than pointing them out. I felt really empowered after each session, because Viv knew the right questions to ask, to help me put a plan together that really worked. She could understand situations really easily, and empathise, and put a strategy together to work through things. I would 100% recommend Viv and already have, to others.

Sarah Hamilton, Founder One of One

Viv is the dream coach. Holistic, practical and challenging. She will really push you to make goals and achieve them. Could not recommend more highly. (Can't wait for my next sesh) x

Emily Ulman, Programming Director ALWAYS LIVE, Co-Founder Managing Director/Programmer Isol-Aid Festival

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