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What even is a life coach?
June 13, 2023
By Viv Fantin
What even is a life coach?

Well hello!


I gather you’re here cos you’re curious about working with a coach. Or you’re trying to find the answer to the question -   ‘What even IS a fucking life coach?".  


It’s a fair question – coaching is largely unregulated and thanks to some high-profile shonky practitioners out there, it’s got a pretty shitty rep. People tend to think it’s some weird snake-oil hustle where privileged people with dubious credentials shout motivational but ultimately hollow platitudes and charge handsomely to do so. Yikes.


But there are also people who are committed to helping, have taken courses and training, have the toolkit, ability, passion and drive to help others, who can call themselves a coach with full integrity. I’d like to think I’m in this category.


Of course, if you think coaching is absolute bullshit, no need to read on. 


But if you’ve made it this far, you might be *curious* to know how coaching can work and what I specifically do to help people in the music industry. I will also assume you’ve figured out that someone shouting motivational things at you really doesn’t work when you’re trying to make changes in your life. 


Usually, people find their way into this line of work because they have issues of their own they’ve had to address. They’ve faced some *existential* crisis and have looked for ways to deal with it. It’s a mighty cliché but definitely true in my case. I was burnt out, so utterly spent and over being in the music industry, I was desperate to create a new pathway for myself. Preferably one that would help me LEAVE. So, I completed a Coaching certification, ostensibly to move away from the madness of it all.


But as messed up as it can be, I love the music industry. I know that there are some people in this biz who are dodgy AF. But there are also some really good people in it, striving to do amazing things, with integrity. I understand the industry because I have lived it across different roles over 25 + years. I was drawn back and decided to put my new helping skills into the community where I still feel a sense of belonging. Many of the issues my clients experience I have experienced myself – lack of boundaries, questionable self-care, perfectionism and its evil, time-sucking twin procrastination, unhealthy comparing, imposter feelings, and niggling self-doubt. I have made many improvements in these areas but am a work in progress. I am a trained coach but note absence of the word *life*, I’d never profess to being an expert on your or anyone else’s life. It’s enough trying to be an expert on my own. But sometimes an outsider can view things through a different lens and that can be really helpful.


I take a person-centred approach which means YOU are at the heart of any sessions, not me. I work from a place of values and strengths – these are foundational and excellent guideposts. Coaching is future focused and solution focused. I will try and help you figure out what is holding you back and strategies for how you can overcome those obstacles so you can move forward feeling strong. I will support you, I will brainstorm ideas with you, I will help you create plans and set goals that excite you, and keep you accountable. 


Some other things:

*You won’t find me influencing the shit out of myself on Instagram.

*I won’t tell you what to do or give you advice. That’s a consultant’s job, not the role of a coach.

*I won’t guilt trip you into signing up for my services or encourage you to sign up and pay on the spot.

*I won’t tell you I have it all figured out and go on and on about my perfect life (it’s not perfect).

*I’m not a fairy godmother. I can’t make anyone’s dreams come true. No-one can. (run quickly in the opposite direction if someone tells you they can make your dreams come true and is trying to charge you ridic sums of money for the privilege). 


While making your dreams come true is not in my remit, I can play an active role in helping you to figure out solutions for where you might be stuck and help you find clear, realistic pathways for moving forward that see you moving towards your valued direction in life. 


My sessions are structured around your needs and yes, they do have structure. It’s not just a conversation. It’s a partnership. And you have to be ready to do some of the heavy lifting. If you’re ready and we’re a good match, you won’t regret it.


If you want to know more about how I might be able to help you, schedule in a 20-minute call at the link below to see if coaching with me is a good fit for the challenges you’re facing and the changes you want to make. No obligation. No sales pitch. If it seems like I can help, we can figure out how to work together. If I’m not the right fit for you, or you think you might need a different professional service (including therapy, which coaching ISN’T), I have a network of other people with varying specialities that I can refer you to. 


I want you to have all the tools and support you need to navigate your path in this unpredictable, occasionally screwed up, beautiful industry. I fkn love what I do. Your success is my success. Win-win.


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