• Taking work home with you? (No boundary between work and home life)

  • Finding that stress and self-care are a challenge for you?

  • Frustrated you're not reaching your full potential?

  • Struggling to find direction in your career? Are you on the treadmill?

  • Noticing that your career path is not lining up with your values?

  • Having a tough time creating personal boundaries?

  • Suffering from burn-out?

  • Feeling stale or paralysed, not able to make clear decisions about your way forward?

  • Do you want someone who will really listen to you without judgement and support you through the process of making changes?


  • Throwing everything at the proverbial wall in the hope that something will eventually stick?

  • Having concerns about your personal brand? Does your image match with your values?

  • Finding that self-doubt is blocking your creativity?

  • Looking at the big picture without breaking it down to the immediate steps?

  • Having trouble seeing the big picture?

  • Wanting help honing your ideas, formulating goals and constructing a plan of action?

  • Struggling with work / life balance? Is stress and self care a challenge for you?

  • Wanting some support from someone who will really listen to you without judgement?


  • To be clear about your strengths and know how to use them to maximise your potential?

  • To have strong vision about your future career and have clear, simple goals moving forward?

  • To be able to craft and manage an action plan to meet your goals moving forward?

  • To give yourself every opportunity to make advances in your career?

  • To find ways to manage stress and minimise burn out?

  • To work with someone who will empower you to make decisions and will help keep you accountable?


  • I will listen (objectively and without judgement)

  • I will help you identify your core goals and motivations

  • I will help create an environment where you can see yourself and your situation more clearly

  • I will give you the space to process honestly

  • I will challenge you to think proactively

I can help you become someone with clarity, someone who has clear purpose and goals that is equipped with specific action steps to take to reach these goals.

  • I can help you overcome self-doubt.

  • I can help you manage stress and work through work / life balance issues

  • I can help you identify and remove the obstacles that are stopping you from making changes

  • I can help you with your personal branding especially if you feel your branding is not truly reflective of who you are

  • I can help you set tangible goals that you can actually achieve (and want to achieve)

I will be your sounding board with no judgement. I can offer you some insights gained from many years of experience in different roles in the music industry.  

If this all resonates then I would love to work with you!


Coaching is tailored to each individual and typically takes place every two to three weeks for one hour over 3 – 6 sessions (but that’s up to you). I live in the hinterland behind beautiful Byron Bay. If you don’t live nearby, my preferred way to work is via Zoom (easy and convenient) but you can visit me or I can travel to you for more intensive work.

If you are considering coaching I offer a free ‘get-to-know-you’ call prior to starting our coaching partnership to make sure we’re the right fit for each other. This is really important for both of us as coaching is an investment of time and money. I want to be sure you’re sure.

Sessions: I work on a minimum of 3 sessions.

These 3 sessions must take place within a 3-month period.

Coaching usually takes place across a number of sessions at an interval that allows change to take place.

The sessions should be spaced ideally so that clients have time to take designed actions and so that not so much time passes that they lose momentum. These sessions are usually no longer than 3 – 4 weeks apart.

After our initial 3 sessions, you and I can mutually agree on the duration and frequency of sessions, depending on what you feel will best support you in making progress in the areas of focus.

Payment structure (individuals): For the first session, allow for 1.5 hours. Each coaching session thereafter usually takes one hour. My fee for our first session is $120 +gst. The price of each follow up session is $100 +gst per hour.

For interstate face-to-face sessions, the initial session cost is $130+gst (1.5 hours) and $110+gst for each session thereafter.

Payment for each session will be invoiced upfront.

For group coaching: Price varies depending on size and duration.

I would appreciate payment either directly before or after each session via a direct debit.  

To download Next Act Coaching Intake form click here.
To download Next Act Coaching Session Prep Form click here.

Prices start from $90 per hour for individuals. Get in touch to enquire about my coaching services and for details of small group work.