We all know that the creative industries are hugely competitive. And can be super stressful to boot.

People often put off the work required to fulfil their goals. It’s easy enough to do and I am living proof of that. There are many reasons, excuses and fears, both real and perceived, which stand in the path of a person taking those forward steps. There’s lack of time and lack of energy. There’s fear of change and fear of failure. There’s even fear of success. So as counter intuitive as it is, sometimes it’s much easier to stay where you are instead of taking those steps towards a more desired way of life.

But sometimes, a kind of paralysis kicks in. The ideas are percolating and the intention is there but the motivation, structure and planning required to translate those ideas into real goals with tangible outcomes is missing in action. Fear of change takes over and the result is that a person can feel anything from inertia and resignation to emptiness. Sometimes it takes someone outside your world to listen (and listen objectively) in a way that can help you land on a solution.

Change is important and while our tendency might be to run for cover whenever it’s lurking around the corner, embracing it head on might just provide the insights you’ve been looking for.

This is where coaching can lend a hand. Click here to find out more about my coaching services.