That’s a great question as there are a lot of myths and misinformation about what a coach is and how they can help you.

People have all kinds of preconceived ideas as to what coaching is. Some people think of hi-octane, in-your-face motivational type speakers. That’s definitely not my kind of coaching although there’s clearly a place (and a willing audience) for that style of coach.

For me, coaching is a focused conversation with an outcome. First and foremost, you are the expert of your life. A good coach will always recognise that.

A coach will work in partnership with you to narrow down where you’re at and what you want. A coach will help you formulate goals and then figure out the specific action steps required to help you reach your goal. A coach can help identify your strengths and guide you to work with your strengths rather than against them. A coach can also determine any blind spots and work with you to help overcome these pesky ‘de-railers’. Coaching is all about seeking clarity, helping you sort through what you really want to achieve in your life and then helping you get there. Specifically:

  • A coach can help you explore and define your goals and offer up insights on the types of options available to you, some of which you may not have considered. 
  • A coach can highlight strengths you never knew you had and help you use these to your advantage. 
  • A coach can also help you identify thought patterns or beliefs that are no longer serving you. 
  • Coaching can create real momentum as goals set in realistic time frames are achieved.
  • A coach can help you manage change and transitions, which can be often uncomfortable.

More broadly, a coach is a support person, a wing woman, sounding board, a mentor and a partner in crime.

The reality is you already have the answers.  Maybe you haven’t been able to tap into them as yet or something is blocking you. An effective coach can help you do that by listening, without judgement. Click here to read why coaching could be right for you.