1. ABSOLUTE BEGINNERS - This is perfect for brand new artists and spokespeople with zero or limited experience with media and / or communicating a clear message to an audience. This is a comprehensive program that is best conducted in person. Ultimate confidence builder *

2. TUNE UP - Perfect for an artist or spokesperson that can hold their own but wants to refresh existing skills. A great option if honing a specific area of communication is required.

3. REMEDY - Got a key issue you're trying to communicate that needs work? Here we focus on refining key messages and specific issues.

*Absolute Beginners is best conducted in person where possible. As this is the most detailed and comprehensive program, more time is required. Please see below for pricing.

Coaching can be conducted at my office in Bangalow, Northern NSW, in capital cities or via Skype. Please note Skype coaching is unavailable for groups. Price is $150+gst per hour for follow up Skype coaching (individuals). The cost for in-person coaching is $220+gst per hour (plus travel and associated costs). Please note there is a 6 hour minimum for coaching that requires travel to Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. I offer a rate of $100+gst per hour for independent, unsigned artists.

If you are an artist or someone in the creative industries who would like to brush up on your skills in the fine art of public appearances, media interviews or issues management please get in touch.  In addition to coaching, I am an experienced media trainer so if you are looking to brush up on your interview/presentation/skills, I can help with that. In fact, I really love it!  Coaching can be combined with a media-coaching program or kept separate. 

Communication is EVERYTHING. 

You can write the best songs in the world or have recorded a masterpiece but are you selling yourself short if you can’t communicate the message behind the music to your audience? If communicating your message clearly is not your strength, media training can help you along.

My media coaching service is based on more than 25 years of experience working with media and music artists from around the world. It’s geared towards artists and spokespeople who are interested in developing their real voice and style when giving media interviews. 

The focus of Next Act media coaching is on keeping it real (in other words, authenticity) as a basis for effective communication. The end result of the media coaching should be an artist or spokesperson who is able to deliver positive, interesting and engaging interviews across all mediums.

My media coaching service will highlight the often subtle differences that exist when conducting interviews for print, radio, television and web.  But the most important focus is on communication and being yourself. I won't put words into your mouth but will help you find your own voice. My holistic coaching approach prepares you to be confident and relaxed during media interviews and in other media contact situations.  It also helps remove any mental roadblocks that might be holding you back.

The program will be tailored to suit you or your artists' needs, whether it’s starting from scratch or an established artist or spokesperson who wants to refresh their media skills.


In a time of heavy competition and 24/7 information overload, the ability to deliver a message in an authentic and engaging way is a key component of your success. 

Media Coaching helps:    

  • Discover how to make the most of every interview and presentation
  • Identify strengths and work with these strengths to maximise the outcome
  • Identify key message points and how to present them in an engaging and appropriate way
  • Develop and practice an effective and authentic communication style
  • Explore new communication and presentation skills that lead to positive results
  • Be prepared, relaxed and confident during any given interview or presentation

The Next Act Media Coaching service covers the following topics:

  • Your attitude towards media: Develop a perspective that supports you in creating maximum results
  • Identifying your strengths: Adopting a strengths based approach to media engagement can lead to greater confidence 
  • Creating engaging content: Define the message points you want to get across; identify and practice effective ways to present them to various audiences
  • Authentic and effective delivery – your style: Helps you to become aware and make good use of your personal style - what do you want people to see and hear? What are your strengths and how can they best be conveyed? And how can you use the tone and pacing of your voice to maximum effect.
  • The impact of body language and presentation: What are you saying non-verbally? This component of the media training asks you to align your body language with your persona, your message and the interview setting you are in.
  • Do's and don'ts of giving interviews: What to watch out for and be aware of in any interview situation
  • Handling difficult interview situations: You will be offered tips and tricks to avoid being undermined in a media interview.
  • You will be navigated through the following topics, which will conclude with a interview. 
  • What to do when things go wrong?

Print interviews and email interviews

You will learn how to build relationships with reporters who cover the industry and understand what they’re after so they keep calling you back. Whether you're launching a product, communicating a story, discussing a serious issue or managing a difficult situation, you’ll learn to better prepare and deliver your message. 

Telephone interviews

You will learn to prepare for a media interview right from the comfort of your home or office. You'll be helped to fine-tune messages for specific audiences, simulate real interviews and practice delivery skills. You'll be taught how to keep the interview focused and shown how to make sure your energy and enthusiasm comes through the phone. 

Radio interviews

The focus on radio puts you through your paces so you can anticipate tricky questions in advance, develop powerful 'openers' and memorable 'closers', learn to speak quickly and concisely, turn negative calls into positives, gain greater voice control and, most importantly, get invited back. 

Filmed interviews

Whether the interview is live or taped, you will learn to craft and deliver meaningful messages in short time frames. The emphasis is on structuring concise responses and delivering compelling sound bites to different audiences. You will be helped with body language and eye contact so every appearance is a success.

News conferences (if relevant to you)

Addressing many journalists at once is a challenging task. Unlike individual interviews, when people shout out questions, interrupt and team up, it is very hard to gather your thoughts and take control. From room set up to introductions you will be taught how to moderate, handle question and answers, manage outbursts, keep the press conference on track and deal with questions that might catch you by surprise. 


Tools required prior to media coaching

In order to prepare for media coaching Next Act will require all available material on you or your artist – biography, photos, press kit with copies of print / web interviews, any existing video clips and tapes of any previous television or radio interviews if available.

Space required for media coaching

Ideally all media training would be done in person at a mutually convenient location such as a conference or meeting room. The room should be in a reasonably quiet location to avoid distraction.

Background Briefing Material

To assist with media coaching preparation, you will be supplied with a short questionnaire document to complete prior to the commencement of media training. This is designed to get you to consider and identify, in confidence, key areas of concern you may have in relation to media interviews. This document will be kept strictly confidential.

Roll Out of Program

The Next Act Media Coaching program will be tailored to you.  For example, if you already have sound knowledge of basic media approaches and principles (do’s and don’ts), the focus of the program can be altered to focus on specific areas of concern. Pricing depends on duration, whether face to face or Skype and the travel required to get to you.

Follow Up

You (the client) will be supplied with a written report within 10 days of the media training. This will provide frank & detailed feedback on your strengths, areas which could be improved and an overall summary of the media training process with suggested follow up.


Confidentiality and privacy is really important to me. The contents of any media training sessions conducted by Next Act will remain strictly confidential. 

Get in touch if you'd like to know more about my Media Coaching services.