"Viv was fantastic at providing me with a better understanding of my behaviour through a series of exercises and discussions that gave me insights into myself that I hadn't realised after 45 years! The importance of my values in decision making will now become a strong reference in both my work and family life. I started my time with Viv in search of a balance between life and work and while that's something that will take some time to finesse, there have been some great suggestions that has refreshed my approach to my hectic life with 3 children. I see this coaching as an ongoing part of my wellbeing and look forward to checking again with Viv on a regular basis." Jana Gibson, Director Writer Services, APRA AMCOS

"I have known Coach Viv on a professional level for nearly ten years, and came in to my sessions with no real clue about where I was at, and no idea where I was supposed to be going, both on a personal and career level. From the get go, Viv was dedicated to taking the time to understand my goals and helped me seek a clearer understanding of my dreams and aspirations, supporting me throughout the process with a unique insight. She helped me to remain focused and moving in a positive direction, always accompanied by her warm and nurturing nature, and an unbiased point of view. Thanks for helping my untangle the knots and provide me with the confidence and tools to move in a new direction, Viv x  Narelle, Sydney

"Under Viv’s guidance, I experienced many “lightbulb” moments – providing clarity to long-term conflicts. I was able to calmly and maturely step back from the emotions that were clouding my judgement, allowing me to objectively see the issues standing in my way. Every session I spent with Viv, I went in confused and unsure of my situation, only to leave feeling sure and confident about my next steps. I would describe Viv’s coaching style as suggestive rather than instructive – giving me ideas, resources and concepts to build my own conclusions and next steps. I have found this style much more conducive to my learnings as it is up to me to make the journey for change. I was able to reflect on what was discussed, but also review the follow-up materials sent through. I confidently made a major career decision as a result of meeting with Viv and have no doubt in my mind that I would have been able to achieve such a positive outcome for myself if it weren’t for her guidance and advice. And that was only after one session! Each subsequent session was spent unpacking my goals, my skillset, my strengths and weaknesses – but also learning to be comfortable with aiming within reason and not too high. I would recommend Viv to anyone looking for unbiased, customised feedback and advice for professional and personal growth." - Lucia Doll, APRA AMCOS

"Working in the music business can feel like a rollercoaster at times. It’s an amazing experience dealing with all these creative and talented people but, it can also feel like an endless stream of stress and disappointment at times. I’ve known Viv Fantin for many years as we worked together for a promoter back in the 90’s so, when I was going through one of those down periods (that enviably comes in this business) I reached out for some consulting advice. Viv gave me plenty of great advice to not only deal with the stresses that come with this job but, also the business tools to change the big picture for the better. Viv has been very helpful for everything from personal advice to staffing and business strategies. Things are going great for our company these day's and I find talking with Viv on the upswings is very useful as well.

"I highly recommend Viv Fantin to anyone seeking to understand & work better with the in’s & out’s of this crazy and exciting business. It’s like having a super smart big sister that understands exactly what you’re going through and what you need to do next to get to where you want to be.  Gregg Donovan, co-owner / Director, Wonderlick Entertainment.

"Having worked in stressful, project based jobs within the creative industries for years I was well and truly burnt out when Coach Viv and I had our first session! Viv allowed me to see my value and to acknowledge that working myself into the ground with little appreciation wasn't sustainable in the long term. Viv was instrumental in giving me the confidence to launch my own business and appreciate the time and energy needed to fullfil myself creatively and professionally. I couldn't recommend her highly enough!" Marisa Snow - Creative Director

"I’ve really enjoyed and been pleasantly surprised by how much I’ve accomplished working with Coach Viv. At the start, I must admit, I was a little cynical about what coaching could actually do for me and for my business. I thought coaching was another buzzword or concept that would be short lived. It’s made me a clearer thinker, a better leader and I’m working out how to prioritise the urgent vs the important. Our session around values really helped me develop a greater understanding about what it is I actually want out of work. It’s been so refreshing to define my values. Instead of always thinking about my business in terms of what I can offer clients, what about what they can offer me? A really vitally important question I never thought to ask myself!

I look forward to my Skype consultations with Coach Viv and knowing I’ve got someone to check in with makes me that much more accountable and I love that. Viv is warm, understanding and calm and that goes a really long way!" - Kathleen, Sydney.

"I've been lucky enough to do a number of coaching sessions with Viv over the past 3 months, and the guidance she has been providing me with is immeasurable! As someone who is at the beginning stages of navigating a career in the music industry, having her expert opinion has been a huge help to me. Together we have covered a huge amount of ground and I am closer to achieving my goals thanks to Viv's amazing guidance and warmth!" - Siobhan Kranz

"I have known and worked with Viv for more than 25 years in various capacities in the music and events industry. In fact whenever we have worked together, she is nothing short of outstanding in everything she puts her name to and her reputation reflects such. Viv’s professionalism, integrity, intelligence and care is second to none. I am sure without doubt she will be successful and shine in her next chapter as a coach to people in the creative industries. Viv has all the attributes required to help guide people through the unique challenges of working in the music and arts communities.  I can’t recommend her highly enough." - Jessica Ducrou, Producer Splendour in the Grass / Director Village Sounds.

"Viv is professional, reliable, proactive, insightful, understands the business, is an excellent communicator and a team player.  But more importantly, Viv is passionate about the music industry and her warmth and dedication have led to many strong relationships with key industry figures and media.  She’s a trusted and reputable source to many. Our enduring relationship with Viv is testament to both the quality of her work and the important role she plays within our organisation.  Working with Viv is an absolute pleasure and we look forward to doing so for many years to come.” - Jana Gibson, Director Writer Services, APRA AMCOS

"Let’s face it, the creative industries are a challenging place to live and work. An industry cram packed with “passionate" people doesn’t always auger we’ll for a happy, balanced life. Quite the contrary, maintaining a healthy work/life balance and a “creative” career is a real challenge. Looking back at my own career, I think it would have been enormously helpful to have had some one like Viv help guide me through all of this - not just my own foibles, but those of my peers and colleagues. Life would have been so much easier! Had some one like Viv been there to help me navigate a meaningful path through all of this, I’m sure I would have made more of the opportunities that crossed my path, but [perhaps more importantly] I would have enjoyed all the industry has to offer with out letting some of the challenges it inevitably presents get the better of me. To this end I couldn’t recommend Viv more strongly. Her professional life speaks for itself but, for me it’s the fact that she has some how maintained her humanity through all of this that really sets her apart from many of her peers." - Brandon Saul Director Mi5: Mixed Media / Byron Bay Falls Music & Arts Festival Director

“Viv Fantin’s involvement in Bangalow Theatre Company (BTC) has been nothing less than pivotal. As a community centric, not-for-profit and newly established company, we were in need of any professional assistance. Viv was very generous with her time and happily assisted our start-up team of volunteers as she steered us to a wonderful sell out season of shows. Viv portrayed an open and honest approach to communications, and demonstrated a calm perseverance in an encouraging and collaborative manner. With extensive knowledge of the arts in Australia and abroad, and a wonderful warmth of character she was a vital member of our team.” - Anouska Gammon, Director, Bangalow Theatre Company

"I have known and worked with Viv Fantin for over 20 years and have always found her to be approachable, thorough and professional - her attention to detail is unparalleled. Viv is the consummate professional who ticks every box in my book - from her excellent inter-personal skills to being a great listener and a total team player. Every job Viv and I worked on has gone extremely well and been a joy to work on, due in no small part to Viv's collaborative and focused style. I cannot more highly recommend Viv for any role she desires." - Rina Ferris, Director Ferris Davies PRM

"Viv has a warm, empathetic nature and holds the space for you to reflect, inquire and make decisions about your business in a very gentle, yet accountable approach. In the time we worked together I feel I have been able to see where I hold myself back, and can now take the time to let me business evolve. Viv’s coaching is practical and business focused, yet emotionally supportive and encouraging to get on your own team and work from a place of authenticity and integrity. I am looking forward to working on more business ventures supported by Viv. Thank you”  Candice Briggs, owner Candice Fit

"Viv was the perfect coach for me. Viv got me through some periods where I was stuck and blocked. She asked the right questions so that I could identify the blocks I was creating and power through them to reach the goals I had set for myself. My time with Viv was one of strong self-discovery which took place in a very supportive and safe environment Viv created through her listening skills, her caring and her commitment to our work together. If you're looking for an excellent coach, work with Viv." - Jacquie Schoder

“Vivien is warm and intuitive. She makes great observations and ask powerful questions. She listened fully and help to provide a different perspective on things. I learned that focus is important in doing what I want to achieve. After all the sessions, I begin to see that balance in life is easier if I would just let go of control and go with the flow. Thank you Vivien!”  – Han Sam Lei

"Viv was a supportive and motivating coach.  The supportive environment she created lead me to deeper thinking and self understanding. Her approach created the optimum conditions for me to work through a previously overwhelming goal and to break it down into something that not only felt achievable, but by the end of our time together, was achieved! "  - Nicole Grainger-Marsh

“Viv is a supportive, motivating and warm coach. Her questioning is thoughtful and considered, which leads to deeper thinking and understanding as her coachee - which ultimately leads to an achieved goal! I would definitely recommend coaching with Viv” – Alevtina Kraseninnikova

“Viv was a compassionate and caring listener who gave me the opportunity to explore some significant challenges in my life and work, and to more proactively claim an area of my gifts I have not felt free to emphasise as much previously” – Mark Davian