Hello. I’m Viv and I’m an accredited certified coach. I work with people in the creative industries who want more from their lives. They want to identify, set and achieve clear goals. Or create more space for fun and work / life balance. They want to work to their strengths and set clear personal boundaries and future challenges. Or to figure out how to make the transition back to work after having children. Or they might need help navigating the effects of chronic stress and burnout. The list goes on...

Photo credit: Kate Holmes Photography

Photo credit: Kate Holmes Photography

I’ve worked in and around the Australian creative industries and music community for more years that I can count, as an event, music television and concert tour publicist as well as working as a media trainer. In the early days I was busy, really stupid busy. I was working incredibly (unsustainably) long hours with not a lot of job satisfaction and the financial rewards did not stack up with the hours spent at my desk. The tendency to over-deliver combined with my perfectionism and inability to manage stress effectively ultimately resulted in a chronic autoimmune condition - nothing truly awful luckily but something I’ll have to manage forever. Talk about a reality check.

If I’m really honest with myself, I knew deep down at the time that my values weren’t exactly aligned with those of some of the people I was working closely with. I knew something had to change. But of course, change isn’t easy and I’ve learned this with many false starts along the way.

So I know what it’s like to feel like there’s a disconnect between the life you're living and the life you really want. Sometimes the feelings present as self-doubt and lack of clarity in the way forward. Or it manifests as plain old can’t-get-out-of-bed-in-the-morning exhaustion. Sometimes there’s a strong will and clear intentions but a pathological fear of change. Sometimes there’s fear or failure. And sometimes (believe it or not) there’s fear of success. 

I had skirted around the idea of coaching for many years but was too frightened to make the transition away from what I knew and what was essentially 'easy’.

I always knew I’d enter some form of helping profession. I have always loved working with people and I have a genuine curiosity about other people’s lives and their aspirations. So once I delved into what coaching actually is, I realised that these passions had finally found a home. Professional coaching ticks all of these boxes. I’ve learned the importance and structure behind setting goals, and the psychology behind why it can be so hard to do so.

So it’s ironic that a bonafide change-phobe is now squarely in the business of advocating and facilitating change. Want to learn more